Mark Hamill Says "It's Possible" Luke Goes to the Dark Side in 'Last Jedi'

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Let’s think this through.

OK, Mark Hamill is either trying to throw us off the scent or he is trying to break nerd hearts everywhere. 

After the trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped on Friday at Star Wars Celebration in Florida, the Luke Skywalker actor gave an interview to ABC News in which he said our iconic hero could go bad. 

“It’s possible, anything’s possible,” Hamill told Paula Faris.

Now, everyone just chill. Likely, Hamill is just getting us all whipped up as he knows fans are in a daze right now after being completely blown away by a fantastic teaser trailer for the next space adventure installment. 

Hamill did jokingly say during the panel he suffered from “short-term memory loss.”

“I lost total credibility with the public through social media because I lie all the time,” Hamill said, talking about making April Fools jokes on Twitter. “And I post an exclusive look at the Episode VIII trailer and it’s a trailer on the back lot. … It’s like the boy who cried wolf, nobody believes me.”

But, you never know. Not to go down the rabbit hole too deep, but what if Hamill said that thinking we wouldn’t believe him even though it was true? I mean, his dad was Darth Vader? Hmm. Nah. We at Heat Vision would be as shocked as the Emperor with his own lightning turned back on him if that twist were ruined. 

Still, fun to think about. And since the teaser really didn’t tell fans what the movie would be about, all we can do right now is have a ball speculating. 

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