Marvel Unveils Launch Slate For Comic Book 'Legacy' Relaunch

Marvel Unveils Launch Slate For Comic Book ‘Legacy’ Relaunch

Marvel Unveils Launch Slate For Comic Book ‘Legacy’ Relaunch

Almost 50 series confirmed to continue as the publisher pushes its new initiative across its superhero line this October.

Marvel Entertainment has announced its launch line-up for Marvel Legacy, its upcoming linewide comic book relaunch, and the future of the Marvel Universe looks… surprisingly familiar.

The majority of the Legacy line is the same as Marvel’s current comic book line-up, with a few additions — revivals of Marvel Two-in-One and Spirits of Vengeance, both series pairing fan-favorite characters (Fantastic Four‘s the Thing, and Ghost Rider, respectively) with other heroes, and a solo title for The Falcon, AKA Sam Wilson, who currently headlines the Captain America: Sam Wilson series — and a handful of interesting omissions: Guardians of the Galaxy is losing its spin-off titles, fan-favorite title The Unstoppable Wasp apparently disappearing, and most interestingly and surprisingly, a complete lack of Captain America altogether.

Marvel Legacy will begin with a 50-page special issue in September by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic that will set-up the status quo for the comic book line moving forward, with the initiative rolling out across the line the following month. Marvel is aiming high for the relaunch, following months of lower sales and reduced buzz for its output. Beyond the comic book stories themselves, the publisher intends to add value-add items for fans including revivals of in-house fan club F.O.O.M. (Friends Of Ol’ Marvel) and its 1970s “value stamp” program.

(Marvel’s website ramps up the hyperbole for the initiative, with the headline Marvel Legacy Changes the Comic Book Industry, although the related story doesn’t explain how, exactly, that will happen.)

No details of creative teams for any of the Marvel Legacy titles have been revealed. The list of titles announced today is:

Incredible Hulk
X-Men: Blue
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
Astonishing X-Men
Invincible Iron Man
Luke Cage
Old Man Logan
Secret Warriors
Guardians of the Galaxy
Jessica Jones
US Avengers
The Despicable Deadpool
Moon Knight
The Punisher
Black Panther
The Mighty Captain Marvel
Dr. Strange
Generation X
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Monsters Unleashed
Black Bolt
Amazing Spider-Man
All-New Wolverine
Spirits of Vengeance
The Defenders
Jean Grey
X-Men Gold
Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider
The Unbelievable Gwenpool
The Uncanny Avengers
Spider-Man vs. Deadpool
Mighty Thor
Ms. Marvel
The Falcon
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man
Weapon X
Marvel Two-in-One


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