Medical Experts Warn Lagos Residents On Neglect Of Oral Health, Hygiene

Leading experts in the health sector have warned residents of Lagos and beyond not to neglect the care of their mouth, as according to them this could lead to deadly consequences.

The medical practitioners, mostly from the field of dentistry who are experts in ,the wisdom teeth removal process  stated that persons, who failed to take good care of their mouths and all organs inside it, risked developing dental diseases that could eventually lead to bigger problems including death. Speaking during the inauguration of cosmetic dentist office and One for 10 initiatives by Beaconhill Smile Group, a dental health organisation, Commissioner for Health in Lagos, Prof Akin Abayomi, said there was the need for public and private partnership in the health sector to create more awareness and close the gaps in dental care in Nigeria. For cosmetic dentistry and fixing dentures | durham dental has quick and excellent procedures. It is simply about whitening imperfect teeth and working on dentures customized for each patient. It begins together with your desire to vary the looks of your smile. Are you battling embarrassment about crooked, stained, gapped, chipped, or worn teeth? Porcelain veneers are one among the only and minimally-invasive ways we will completely transform your smile. From the colour of your teeth to their proportion and symmetry of the gum line, porcelain veneers can turn a cosmetically failing smile into one among vibrant beauty! This non-surgical transformation can dramatically improve your confidence, happiness, and overall wellbeing. Often considered a sort of art, our porcelain veneers produce these life-changing leads to as little as two appointments, helping you achieve the right “Hollywood” smile you’ve got always dreamed of, Click on Gordon Dental Veneers for further details.

Dentistry is a very wide and broad branch of medicine. It involves a series of studies, diagnosis and treatments about dental-related issues. In connection to this, dentistry is properly manned by dental practitioners called as dentists. Dentists are dental surgeons that specialize in treating and diagnosing all kinds of oral diseases. Most of these dental surgeons are running with dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians and dental therapists to properly maintain the aesthetics and wellness of the person’s teeth. You could check here the best dentist in cranbourne, do visit here.

A good smile is always said to have a positive impression of a person over others. Adversely spotted and uneven teeth give the impression of a very poorly managed and unhealthy impression of an individual. Dentists are professionals, dedicated to provide excellent services for all your dental and oral needs. It is a wrong impression that only people who are suffering from dental problems require dental assistance, rather even people who have had shiny white teeth from the very beginning require to visit dentists regularly for the cleaning and examination of their teeth.

He said, “It is important to use the private sector as a benchmark for standards in the public sector and also to establish some collaboration between the private and public sector in mentoring some of our general dentist in the public sector.

“Nigerians do not see the oral cavity as something that they should pay attention to but we want to change that narrative now and be able to particularly create more awareness and more preventative management, especially in young children and our entire population.”

Calling for more investment in oral health care in Nigeria to prevent medical tourism and brain drain, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Beaconhill Smile Clinics, Dr Oluwaseun Akinbobola, said that it was important for individuals to go for dental check at least once in a year with their family dentist to prevent poor oral hygiene and complications.

He said, “We are trying to reverse the trend where doctors are relocating to Canada to practice.

“We are encouraging foreign-trained Nigerian  doctors to return to the country so we can give our people the best oral care with a root canal procedure, which they travel abroad to seek. Find the latest and best treatments for different conditions at cannabishealthinsider.

“According to a cosmetic dentist oral health care is very important and that is why we are raising awareness on this. Through our ‘One for 10 initiative’, we have been able to provide many Nigerians especially persons in rural areas free dental care.

“This is very important for the safety and wellbeing of individuals and the society at large.”

In 2016, then Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, said that fewer than 20 per cent of Nigerians had access to oral health care services, while an executive of Nigeria Dental Association, Dr M.O. Ashiwaju, said that fewer than 5,000 registered dentists are serving Nigeria’s teeming population.

SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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