Meet the doggo who is loving life in LA

Lola the Mini Aussie and canine queen. Picture: Instagram

LOLA is an LA queen, a canine superstar who hits all the hotspots of the famous city and beyond and can’t go anywhere without people crowding around, for a pat.

The three-year old Australian Terrier has an Instagram following closing in on 10,000 and some of the cutest dog photos you will see this year.

“She is our own little love bucket,” explains Kimberly Lapides, who, with her husband, lives with Lola and three cats in Huntington Beach.

“We take her everywhere and we are always stopped in the street by people who want to pat her and want to look into those gorgeous eyes.”

“We wanted to share her life and her love through the lens, through her eyes. We have done that and people have really responded to that. Her personality shines through.”

As you can see, Lola’s life is an A-lister’s delight of visits to all greatest places LA has to offer such as trips to Venice Beach and Santa Barbara and further trips to Las Vegas, Big Bear and Miami.