Melania Trump's Official White House Portrait Puts Her 15-Carat Wedding Ring Front And Center

It’s a glamour shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived!

Melania Trump’s official White House portrait as first lady of the United States has been released. And it’s … glamorous, to say the least. 

The image shows Mrs. Trump in a black blazer and matching black kerchief standing in what appears to be the private second-floor residence of the White House in front of the lunette windows. (The name of the photographer as well as the exact location the photo was taken were not provided.) FLOTUS stands with her arms crossed in front of her chest, a pose that simultaneously projects confidence, and also puts her massive 15-carat wedding ring in full view. 

First reactions to the image on social media point out that the portrait appears to be a bit airbrushed, as literally not one hair is out of place. The edges of Trump’s polished black suit appear fuzzy, and there are no laugh lines visible in her tan complexion. 

Compared to Michelle Obama’s first official portrait, which shows the former first lady in the now-famous sleeveless Michael Kors dress in the Blue Room of the White House in 2009, Melania’s portrait has an almost surreal glow about it, not unlike a mall glamour shot. The air of perfection, however, might just be a result of her prior experience as a professional model. We’ll never know.

SOURCE: lstyle