Mercy Aigbe pictured undergoing CT Scan, as the report shows she had a fractured skull

Mercy Aigbe pictured undergoing CT Scan

It’s no longer news, that there’s trouble in Mercy Aigbe’s Marriage.. Recall photos went viral, which saw the actress severely injured with bruises all over her body, a sign that she suffered domestic violence from her husband.

Now, NET has acquired photos that clearly shows the embattled actress undergoing a CT scan to confirm if she’s got any form of skull fracture whatsoever.

Also, the document acquired from which shows results from ST. Solomon Health Care Limited shows, the Actress indeed suffered from a Head injury.

The Finding states:

There is fracture of the medial wall of the left orbit, with herniation of the orbital fat and left media rectus muscle into the ethmoidal sinus and presence of peri-orbital emphysema.

There is also a fracture to the floor of the orbit with air/fluid level in the left maxillary sinus – indicative of hematoma.

Slight hermiation of the left inferior oblique muscle into the maxillary sinus is also noted.
No intracranial hermorrage is seen.
There is however, bilateral basal ganglia calcification (most like physiological).
Normal white/grey matter interface is preserved.
Posterior tossa strutures are normal.
No occular abnormality is seen.

The report further concludes:

1. Blow-out fracture of the left orbit with herniation of orbital fat, media rectus and left inferior oblique muscles.
2. Left maxillary sinus hermatoma.
3. incidental finding of bilateral basal ganglia calcification.

Though she has been quiet about the reports going rounds.. and her husband, Lanre gentry keeps insisting that he never laid a finger on his wife, as he loves her so much.

However as these photos show, Mercy Aigbe indeed suffered some blows to the head which warranted an emergency scan of her head.

CT Scans are used to determine if there are injuries or trauma to the skull and brain.

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