Milo Ventimiglia Suspected of Family’s Abduction in 'Devil’s Gate' Clip (Exclusive Video)

Nothing is as it seems in the sci-fi thriller, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Milo Ventimiglia is far from the near-perfect patriarch he plays on TV in his new film Devil’s Gate, which premieres Monday at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival.

An exclusive look from The Hollywood Reporter shows the star of NBC’s This Is Us in handcuffs, warning the police who arrived to question him about his family’s whereabouts not to enter his home.

The sci-fi thriller tells the story of Ventimiglia’s Jackson Pritchard, a man with a troubled past whose wife and child go missing. When he refuses to answer their calls, an FBI Agent (Amanda Schull) carrying her own baggage and police deputy (Shawn Ashmore) head out to his remote farm outside the small town of Devil’s Gate, North Dakota. As night falls and over the course of the next 24 hours, the officers become trapped in the desolate location and must either join forces with their unstable suspect or fall victim to the same demons that beset him.

“[Devil’s Gate] ultimately derives from my love of monster movies going back to the Silent Era,” said first-time director Clay Staub, in a statement, about his unnerving take on the police procedural. “Our concept here is, simply, what if someone actually turned the tables on one of these interlopers and held them captive?”

Written by Peter Aperlo and Clay Staub, the film also stars Bridget Regan and Jonathan Frakes.

Source: Hollywood

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