Mobile Phones Do Not Cause Cancer, NCC Boss Says as Enugu Hosts Consumersation

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The Head of Zonal Operations, Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC), Mrs. Helen Obi has said that the use of mobile phones does not in any way cause cancer or any other sickness. She said that there is no scientific proof that the mast and towers can cause harm to humans.

She made this declaration Wednesday while addressing pressmen in Enugu as the commission prepared for a sensitization campaign to educate consumers on the efforts the commission is making to ensure that quality of service improves across all the networks in the country.

There have been growing concerns and cries by consumers in the past over a series of boring and unsolicited messages and calls from telecom providers and now the NCC has responded by launching a campaign to address their issues.

“The commission has launched and carried out the NCC 2017 Year of Telecom Consumer because the commission recognizes the importance of the consumer to growing and sustaining the telecom network in Nigeria and to discuss on the gains that have been recorded in the regulatory activities of the industry,” She said.

Mrs. Obi stressed that the commission was doing its best to draw the attention of the consumers to the efforts of the network and to sensitize the consumers about the commission being mindful of the concerns they have on all the issues from the networks and to know that the commission is addressing them.

“This exercise is designed as ‘2017 year of telecom consumer’ and is to educate and empower the consumers to know their rights and privileges they have as consumers. They have the right to receive the right quality telecom services from the operators and as a result, we have this road show and the Consumer Conversation meant to sensitize consumers on the efforts of the commission. “

“The event is for the South East and since we started, we have done it in the North East, North West, South South and North Central. This time it is for the consumers of Enugu State,” she said.

Obi identified four key component issues that drive the success of the commission’s agenda for the year.

According to her, the components include the Do Not Disturb (DND) service, the NCC toll free line, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation, Improved Quality of Service and Highlighting.

On these components, the Head of Zonal Operations said, “Activation of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) service across all telecom networks – enables the consumer to stop receiving boring, unwanted and unsolicited messages from telecom operators in Nigeria. To put an end to the nauseating service, consumers should send “STOP“ to 2442, if they are not comfortable receiving text messages from telecom providers and to send HELP to 2442 for options which the subscriber may wish to receive text messages.”

“The NCC toll free line 622 enables consumers to report complaints pertaining to unresolved issues with their service providers,” she added.

Speaking on electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation, Obi dismissed negative opinions about the environmental impact of telecom masts held by people, saying that there is no adverse health implication associated with telecommunication masts.

Obi said that there has been dramatic fall in consumers complaints against unsolicited messages due to the massive awareness by the commission. She maintained that all telecom operators in the country have had to step up their service delivery and their commitment to customers in terms of improved quality of service.

“Telecom operators are doing everything the commission expects them to do in order to ensure quality of service on their network. On our part, we carry out town hall meetings and consumer conversation, which are platforms we utilize to reach consumers at the grassroots.

She however promised consumers that the commission would do its best to ensure they continue to enjoy quality services from all the telecom operators in the country.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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