MUSIC : Blazin Wit The Bros – Eric Bellinger Ft The Game

HNHH Premiere! Eric Bellinger nabs The Game for “Blazin Wit the Bros.”

Eric Bellinger loves themed projects. The West Coast-based singer has developed a penchant for dropping mixtapes or albums on holidays, theming the release with the holiday of choice– and with 4/20 on the way, we can count on Eric for a weed-themed r’n’b release. That’s not something you get every day.

Ahead of the EP, titled Cannabliss, the singer links up with The Game for a collaboration “Blazin wit the Bros.” The record features some g-funk influence, while Eric uses a melody you’ll surely recognize.

On the Cannabliss release, Eric Bellinger says: “Marijuana has a really dark cloud over it for some reason… I happen to love everything about it, haha. With the worldwide holiday 4/20 approaching I wanted to do something in attempt to help erase the negative stigma attached to it. My idea was to create a project about weed that everyone would love, especially the stoners! A project so good that people would enjoy it even if they didn’t smoke. A project so vibey, smooth, mesmerizing, relaxing, and hypnotizing that the energy embedded in the sonics of music would subliminally relieve stress and cause the listener to feel high, effortlessly entering them into a state of CANNABLISS.”


SOURCE: made for Naija