My Friend Avoided my wedding Because I was Warned not to Marry Actress, Esther Audu…Hubby reveals

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Recently, Nollywood actress, Esther Audu Ojire and her hubby, Philips Ojire, celebrated their first year wedding anniversary with thanksgiving and lovely photos to appreciate how well they have come.

In the midst of the various failed celebrity marriages, Esther has been able to protect her home and hubby has been able to understand her as well despite being advised not to go ahead with the wedding.

The actress hubby, while recalling how things went with his close friend before the wedding disclosed that his friend did not attend his wedding because he had warned him not to marry Esther because celebrities are not worth it as their marriages don’t last.

In his words, “TRUE LIFE SOTRY: Someone very close to me and he was someone I respected confronted me and said this words I quote; “Philip you messed up big time with these kind of move and decision. Have you not realized that Nigerian actors/actresses marriages don’t last? Didn’t life teach you enough? You way be smart guy ,you don reach where your smartness suppose play you come dull.I give you three months max and your marriage will crash “He went further and further and then concluded with am not coming for your wedding because I can’t waste my time and flight money for a made in China event. So, I while I was driving back home I had one million thoughts because I had listened to negative vibes from someone Hmmmmm.

“Dear @estherene , words of man are not words of God, their thoughts and will are not his. we decreed/declared love, peace and harmony in our union and we got that overflow, which feels new every morning. The lines they said and thought we won’t cross my love, we crossed borders and took over territories and we are heading to conquer nations. Happy Anniversary to us one year down, eternity left.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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