My Pen, Oh My Pen.

My pen, oh my pen
Small, slim and skinny
My pen, oh my pen
Fragile, feeble and fray.
In the grasp of my palm
Potent, puissant and prowling
Strong, stout and steaming
My pen, oh my pen.
In the furrows of my fingers
Commanding and compelling
Indomitable and remarkable
Dynamic and dandy.
Voiceless but audible
Innocuous but ubiquitous
Prosaic but pleasing
Intangible but palpable.
My pen, oh my pen
More effective than the arrow
In the hands of the powerful
My pen, oh my pen.
To the tyrant, a terror
To the despot, a dread
To the fascist, a phantasm
My pen, oh my pen.
To the sacrilegious, a succubus
To the hypocrites, a hellion
To the liars, a laceration
To the duplicitous, a discomfort.
To the corrupt, a corrosion
To the kleptomaniac, a cancer
To the suborned, a scourge
My pen, oh my pen.
My pen, my dear pen
The punisher and pulverizer
Of reprobates and renegades
Of merchants of misery.
The castigator and chastiser
Of the apologists of anguish
Of the sentries of sorrow
My pen, my dear pen.
“Mightier than the sword”
So they say about you
Contend, some even do
Than the gun, you’re sharper.
Without let, become, you have
A tool of liberation
A gizmo of liberty
A peon of freedom.
A balm for the banished
A hope for the hopeless
A voice of the voiceless
My pen, oh my dear pen.
Yes my pen, my dear pen
The ink that flows forth
From your tiny tooth
Unshackles the manacles.
The version of your mission
Is fashioned by your vision
With the passion of conviction
My pen, oh my pen.
©Remi Oyeyemi.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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