NAPTIP Kicks Against Human Traffickers, Takes Campaign to Enugu

The Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffickers in Persons (NAPTIP), Barrister Julie Okah-Donli Saturday reinstated the need to sensitize women and children in rural areas on the dangers of human trafficking.

In a related development, the zonal commander of NAPTIP, Mrs. Comfort Agboko said the agency cannot relent in its effort in fighting against child trafficking, child abuse, chile labour and sales of babies perpetrated by traffickers in the state.

Mrs Agboko made this known at the 2017 Women Annual General Meeting- an August meeting hosted this year by the wife to the chairman of Nkanu West local government area, Mrs. Ugochi Okereke.

The meeting was attended by women from different parts of Enugu State and had the wife to the Enugu State governor, Mrs. Monica Ugochi Ugwuanyi as the special guest.

Mrs. Agboko who spoke at the meeting used the opportunity to sensitize and educate women on the antics of the perpetrators, saying that it was needful to address the women of Nkanu West because rural communities are the worst hit of trafficking.

She remained upbeat that educating women and children will help in reducing, if not eradicating child abuse, child labour, and sales of babies.

According to her, change begins from the grassroots.

NAPTIP as an agency was established in 2003 by Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo to fight against human trafficking.

The Zonal agency has since lived up to its expectation by handling more than 50 cases of human trafficking and has prosecuted the perpetrators since the zonal office was set up in 2006.

Agboko said that the suspects have been charged in court and justice prevailed.

She also said it was a crime to remove one’s reproductive organs, stressing that those found guilty have been prosecuted.

Speaking further on the issue, the zonal commander said, “It is expedient to educate women so that they will in turn educate their children for them to know the antics of the perpetrators.”

“Parents should warn their children against being lured into the hands of traffickers by their friends or peer groups. “

“Parents should not exert pressure on their children. When you put too much pressure on your children, they get frustrated and lack motivation in life and by so doing end up in the hands of these evil people.”

She charged women to provide their children with parental guidance as well as pay their children’s fees while at school to avoid losing them to traffickers.

“Parents should try and take care of their children at home and at school. They should pay their fees, provide them food and other necessities. When these are done, children will not be lured away.

“There are parents who do not care about how their children are doing, yet expect them to return home with goodies. When you put too much pressure on them, it is calamitous and the bad news is that they will go away and may never return alive.”

“You don’t expect your children at school to bring you bags of rice, different types of ostentatious clothes and other household goods. Where on earth will they get the money from to buy the items? These children involve themselves in all manner of activities just to meet the demands of their parents, which is not ideal,” she lamented.

She advised children to stop being idle, adding that they should get involved in training and skills acquisition. She admonished children to stop being covetous, saying that they should be contented with whatever their parents are able to give.

She called on them to utilize their God given talent in activities that will lift them to greatness in future.

Mrs. Agboko warned parents and children to be on the lookout as traffickers use money to entice their victim.

She called on the society to report cases of trafficking, stressing that their identity will not be revealed to the public or the government.

She said that those who want to report cases of child trafficking, child abuse, child labour and sales of babies should call the number +2347080601803.

She assured the public that justice will be obtained for any injustice against children, while the perpetrators will be prosecuted accordingly.

As a welcome development in the fight against human trafficking, the wife of the governor, Mrs. Monica Ugochi Ugwuanyi pledged to continue supporting the agency.

The zonal commander in compliance to the Director General of the agency’s directive had led a team of officers to kick off the campaign against human human trafficking in Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra and three local governments in Enugu State.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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