National Convention: Presidential Aspirant Accuses APC Leaders Of Tokenism, Internal Jostling

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Mr. Adamu Garba has accused the leadership of the party of tokenism, internal jostling, and politicking over the recent shift in the proposed date of the party’s national convention.

Mr. Garba, while speaking with DailyPost, stated that a�?tokenism and internal jostling and politickinga�? are the reasons behind the shift in the date of the convention.

However, the young presidential aspirant whose recent announcement of his ambition caused a major uproar in the media said his supporters still expect the convention to be credible.

The party had earlier announced that it has postponed its national convention due to the coming month of Ramadan, an Islamic month of fasting and prayer.

Mr. Garba said a�?I received, with amusement, the sudden,  proposed postponement of the national convention of the APC, initially scheduled for the 14th of May in the coming month.

a�?The Nigerian people and particularly my supporters across the 36 states were looking forward to a credible and transparent process to elect the national leaders of our party. However, tokenism and internal jostling and politicking seem to be trumping some of our strongly held progressive and democratic values as a party. It is important that our party prioritizes the interest of the country over political bickering.a�?

He urged the leadership of the party to demonstrate it devotion to tenets of democracy: a�?Hence, the APC must demonstrate to the entire country that it believes in internal democracy and will be guided by the constitution of the party, outside of which might lead to the complete erosion of our partya��s credibility before the Nigerian people.

a�?I am however leading a group of young, brilliant and capable individuals within the party, from which we will be presenting a credible alternative to run for the office of the party chairman.

a�?The APC without a doubt requires a new brand of leadership; one that will chart a new vision for the party, and more pertinently the Nigerian people and we are ready to produce that leadership from amongst us.a�?


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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