National Fadama Project To Expand Rice Production In Ondo

Obiano Commissions Josan Rice Farm And Mills In Anambra StateHaving realised that Ondo State has a fertile land for rice production aside the focused cassava crop, the Fadama Additional Financing Project is set to expand the production horizon of rice beyond its present level in the state.

This was revealed by the National Project Coordinator of Fadama, Mr Tayo Adewunmi.

Adewunmi said Ondo State had chosen cassava as its major crop under Fadama components, but it was later discovered that the state is also good for rice production.

“What happened is that under our Additional Financing, in the main Fadama, our people are focusing on tree crops, livestock, aquaculture and all that, but our Fadama Additional Financing is focusing on four value chains which are cassava, rice, sorghum and horticulture tomato.

“When we started in 2014, the Ondo State government wrote a letter that cassava is their comparative crop, so it was during supervision that we realised that rice also grows well here.

“Thereafter we said let’s involve all states in the southwest, it was very successful and we now realised that the southwest states have good potential for rice and that started sometimes early last year, and that’s why we are promoting both rice and cassava.”

Buttressing Adewunmi’s point, the Community Development Officer of Fadama in the state, Mrs Jumoke Bakare, noted that the proposed site for rice factory mill has been arranged and necessary machines have been secured.

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