National Licorice Day Is a Thing and Red Vines Is Celebrating With a California Collection

There’s also a “Made in California” tour.

Every day is turning out to be a holiday these days (national banana cream pie day, anyone?) and April 12 is no different — it’s national licorice day. In celebration of the holiday founded in 2004 (!), Union City, Calif.-based red licorice brand Red Vines is introducing a new treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Red Vines’ new “California Collection” pack will offer an assortment of seven classic licorice pieces in one happy mix, including Black Licorice Twists, Original Red Twists, Black Licorice Bites, Original Red Bites, Super Ropes, Original Red Bars, and Superstrings candy. One pack is for $10.75 on

To celebrate, Red Vines, proudly made in in the Golden State for more than 90 years, is launching a “Made in California” tour with brand ambassadors passing out free samples of the California Collection, coupons and other promotional items from a Red Vines-themed Volkswagen Van. (What, no Licorice Mobile?) The tour kicks off in San Francisco on April 12 and concludes with a three-day event at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, from April 28-30. And yes, it will stop in L.A..

Red Vines most recently made its appearance at the 2017 Oscars, raining down from the ceiling onto the star-studded audience members. Who could forget Taraji P. Henson’s excited reaction to the candy surprise?

SOURCE: lstyle