NBA star on wife: ‘She’s married, I’m not’

Carmelo Anthony with wife La La.

NY Post

CARMELO Anthony has been dogged by cheating rumours for years and sources say he’d justify it to his friends by saying: “(Wife) La La (Anthony) is married, I’m not.”

Multiple sources tell the New York Post’s Page Six that Melo would often flirt or hook up with women while he was on the road with NBA franchise the New York Knicks during his nearly seven-year marriage to La La.

One source said: “Melo’s tagline was, ‘She’s married, I’m not.’ That’s how he would justify it. His attitude is that all professional athletes do it, and many of them do. La La has put up with a lot. She knew it was going on, but I guess this time she’s had enough.”

A rep for Melo declined to comment on allegations of his cheating or the report that he impregnated a stripper who works at a New York gentlemen’s club over six months ago. The dancer allegedly is demanding money for medical bills and other baby expenses.

A source close to Melo added: “The stripper pregnancy rumour is not true. Yes he’s not been perfect, but the baby with a stripper isn’t true.”

Other sources say La La and Carmelo currently have no plans to file for divorce.

One told Page Six: “They’ve been living separately for several months. They’ve broken up in the past, they split three years ago, gave it some time and then got back together. They’re hoping the same works again.”

Anthony has reportedly been a bit of a playboy.

Anthony has reportedly been a bit of a playboy.Source:AP

In the light of the new allegations that Carmelo impregnated a stripper, as reported by TMZ, a source close to his wife said: “La La doesn’t want to deal with all of these rumours … she doesn’t want to focus on any of it at the moment … She’ll deal with it when it all comes down.

“The cheating rumours have always been out there and the majority will talk about the rumours over and over. She’s waiting on his team to respond and decide how to handle the rumours.”

A complicating factor is that La La’s career is really taking off just when Carmelo’s really struggling with his. She’s starring in 50 Cent‘s Power and last week she wrapped her latest movie, Emergency Furlough with Whoopi Goldberg and Anna Paquin. She’s also hosting a Mother’s Day special on VH1.

The source continued: “Carmelo’s career problems, on the other hand, don’t put him in a good mental place,” adding: “There’s also the uncertainty about their future — Carmelo is likely to be leaving New York but who knows for where.

“They want to see how that shakes out before figuring out what to do.”

Of the couple, who have a 10-year-old son, Kiyan, the source said: “La La thinks Melo is a great dad. But the fact is, they’re better when they’re not together.”

Few relationships are flawless.

Few relationships are flawless.Source:AP

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was republished with permission.

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