NBRRI Calls For Arrest Of Owner, Engineers For ‘Poor Construction’ Of Abuja Collapsed Building

Danladi Mattawal, Director General, Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI), has called for the immediate arrest of the owner and engineers of the collapsed building in Abuja. If you are ever looking for workers who can help you out in a construction site with professional service then check out these Construction staffing services. Make sure that you also use great materials and supplies like the ones from this plastic pails provider.

He stated this while addressing journalists at the site of the incident at the weekend, noting that the incident must be investigated.

He said: “The port of call now is to arrest the owner of the building and put him behind bars; then the engineers, the architects and all the construction workers. Let there be proper investigation for us to set an example for the future and avoid a repeat in the future.”

He alleged that those involved in mixing the concrete compromised on standards, judging by the rods pulled out from the rubble. The building was not inspected properly, there were signs of water damage that crawl space waterproofing could have fixed easily.

His words: “We have seen a lot of fresh concrete. We have learnt that the building was abandoned for about 15 years and has just been revisited for construction. We have the Director of Development Control here and I have asked him whether the building was not marked for demolition, as the building had stayed for a long time, before construction started on it again. The place should be revisited and the structural integrity of the building should be studied.”

Mattawal explained that that elevated structure was constructed for a specified purpose, and explained that it was wrong to increase the number of floors without recourse to the design. Now they needed workers to help them remove the rubble from the site. A forklift rental would be great in the situation to help with any heavy lifting that needed to be done. If you are a company and need several employees to complete forklift Certification then forklift training Melbourne provides the best solution for you and your company.

He said: “Nobody is certain what happened here, but we have seen poor construction as evidence, by what I have just shown you. The concrete was bad and a lot of the steels you see on site have totally dissociated from the concrete.”


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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