NBS Data Reveals How Much Nigerian States Generated Internally In 2017

The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS in its latest report has revealed how states across Nigeria are performing in terms of internally generated revenue, IGR.  

NBS noted that the total IGR generated by states across the country in 2017 was N931.23bn, a figure higher than the amount generated in 2016 by N100.04bn, an increase of 12.03%.

At the end of second half of 2017 (H2 2017), total revenue generated by states had already hit N432.65bn, a figure higher than that generated in first half of the year (H1 2017), which was N409.09bn.

The report also indicated that five states (Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bauchi, Osun and Taraba) recorded a decline in the amount they generated internally in 2017 compared to the previous year, while the remaining 31 states recorded an increase in their IGR when compared to 2016.

Also, the report showed that net FAAC allocation in year 2017 is N1.73 trillion while the total revenue available to the states is put at N2.67 trillion.

As at the end of 2017, Nigeriaa��s foreign debt stands at $19.9bn while domestic debt hits N3.35 trillion.


STATE                                    IGR 2017                                              IGR 2016                              GROWTH IN IGR %

LAGOS                  N333,967,978,880.44                    N302,425,091,964.78                                     10.43

RIVERS                  N89,484,983,409.10                       N85,287,038,971.02                                       4.92

OGUN                   N74,835,979,000.51                      N72,983,120,003.85                                       2.54

DELTA                   N51,888,005,338.33                       N44,057,915,472.72                                       17.77

KANO                    N42,418,811,470.64                       N30,959,027,531.92                                       37.02

KADUNA              N26,530,562,880.89                       N23,024,006,940.00                                       15.23

EDO                       N25,342,829,212.22                       N23,041,425,599.71                                       9.99

OYO                       N22,448,338,824.61                       N18,879,084,132.00                                       18.91

ENUGU                 N22,039,222,902.86                       N14,235,512,227.00                                       54.82

KWARA                 N19,637,873,512.22                       N17,253,829,559.51                                       13.82

CROSS RIVER      N18,104,562,225.62                       N14,776,808,331.83                                       22.52

ANAMBRA          N17,365,385,830.51                       N23,269,750,752.08                                       -25.37

AKWA IBOM       N15,956,354,035.30                       N23,269,750,752.08                                       -31.43

ABIA                      N14,917,141,805.80                       N12,694,839,539.40                                       17.51

BAYELSA               N12,523,812,450.59                       N7,905,458,280.30                                          58.42

BENUE                  N12,399,414,557.79                       N9,556,495,064.33                                          29.75

KOGI                      N11,244,260,974.75                       N9,569,124,487.16                                          17.51

ONDO                   N10,927,871,479.76                      N8,684,406,578.63                                          25.83

PLATEAU             N10,788,283,409.45                       N9,191,372,277.87                                          17.37

SOKOTO               N9,018,844,307.29                          N4,545,765,527.76                                          98.40

IMO                       N6,850,796,866.07                          N5,871,026,976.75                                          16.69

JIGAWA                N6,650,200,980.11                          N3,535,349,908.61                                          88.11

NIGER                   N6,517,939,033.07                          N5,881,584,409.47                                          10.82

OSUN                    N6,486,524,226.45                          N8,884,756,040.35                                          -26.99

ADAMAWA         N6,201,369,567.23                          N5,788,979,592.34                                          7.12

NASARAWA        N6,174,136,952.59                          N3,402,616,062.14                                          81.45

KATSINA              N6,029,850,857.76                          N5,545,900,833.33                                          8.73

ZAMFARA            N6,023,994,930.94                          N4,777,169,537.80                                          26.10

TARABA                N5,764,251,233.85                          N5,895,538,974.32                                          -2.23

GOMBE                N5,272,273,408.28                          N2,941,438,110.63                                          79.24

EBONYI                 N5,102,902,366.82                          N2,342,092,225.07                                          117.88

BORNO                 N4,983,331,049.24                          N2,675,723,063.89                                          86.24

EKITI                      N4,967,499,815.79                          N2,991,041,855.48                                          66.08

KEBBI                    N4,393,773,965.39                          N3,132,343,261.58                                          40.27

BAUCHI                N4,369,411,450.27                          N8,677,265,878.00                                          -49.65

YOBE                     N3,598,131,936.59                          N3,240,867,567.79                                          11.02

TOTAL STATES N931,226,905,149.13                       N831,193,518,291.50                                     12.03


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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