New Form Digital Releases Female-Focused Slate of Pilots

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star Melissa Fumero appears in one project, and Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky’s production company is behind another.

New Form, a studio dedicated to helping digital talent create more ambitious projects, has tapped Hollywood talent for the projects released Friday from its latest pilot incubator program. 

The company’s fifth incubator program, dubbed Gold Mine, features seven projects all created by or starring women, and is also focused on telling diverse stories. Among the Hollywood talent attached to this slate of projects are producing partners Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Melissa Fumero and Parks and Recreation writer Megan Amram. 

The incubator also includes New Form’s first made-for-social project, buddy comedy @TheRealAssistant, which was shot in vertical video format for Snapchat or Instagram. 

CEO Kathleen Grace said in a statement that people are often surprised by the projects that New Form greenlights, “but we do this because we have the audaciousness to believe in people and different kinds of stories.” 

Gold Mine projects include Mourners Inc. from Cristina Gomez and Luke Eve, starring Fumero and social media star Eric Ochoa, about a former child star who inherits the family funeral supply business. Campus Catwalk, which hails from Louise Rozett and is executive produced by Kudrow and Bucatinsky under their Is Or Isn’t Entertainment shingle, tells the story of a woman who doesn’t fit in at her red-state college. Cody Ko stars in Boy Toys from Sunny Tripathy, about a millennial man who attempt to woo wealthy L.A. women with the goal of changing his misfortune. 

New Form’s past projects have included Single By 30, which streamed on YouTube Red, and I Ship It, which is on CW Seed. It has also sold the pilot for intergalactic comedy Final Space to TBS. 

The current slate of pilots is available to watch on YouTube. @TheRealAssistant is currently viewable via the New Form Instagram account.

Here is the full slate of Gold Mine projects: 


Created by: Cristina Gomez & Luke Eve

Starring: Melissa Fumero and Eric Ochoa

Former child-star, Monica, is now broke and barely clinging to her sobriety when the father, who abandoned her fifteen years ago, dies and leaves her the Latino family business. She inherits Mourners Inc, a company that supplies à la carte mourners for wakes and funerals (think escorts, but more death). But, there’s a catch– to take ownership of the biz, Monica must deliver a shiny, loving eulogy at her father’s funeral, a man she barely knew.


Created by: Louise Rozett

Executive Producers: Is Or Isn’t Entertainment (Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky)

Starring: Nisalda Gonzales and Alexa Losey

Tally Lopez is a blue-state girl who just doesn’t fit in at her red-state college. When this undocumented Valor College freshman is bullied online after wearing a traditional Mexican dress to a political rally, she starts an Instagram feed to champion self-expression through fashion. Her mission? To celebrate the personal style of everyone—friend and foe—on campus.


Created by: Nerdist’s Andrew Bowser, Ben Mekler, & Jason Nguyen

Starring: Megan Amram, Jim O’Heir, Shannon Woodward and Lucas Neff

When 30-year old burnout Kate is bitten on the neck by a mysterious figure, she wakes up to find that she is now a vampire. Even worse, she is now Queen of the Vampires. This new title apparently comes with an entourage of minions who expect Kate to reign over them– not to mention end a centuries old war between her kind and the werewolves. The only problem, Kate could not give less of a shit.


Created by: Manon Mathews and Jason Zumwalt

Starring: Manon Mathews

Brielle, a model famous for her Instagram, good looks and sexy snaps, loses her famous boyfriend and most of her followers when the world discovers she’s a high school dropout. To get back the guy (and the fame), she re-enters as a freshman at Chandler High. When she is finally forced to put down her phone, she just might learn that it’s not how the world looks at her that’s important, but how she looks at the world.


Created by: Sunny Tripathy

Starring: Cody Ko

A group of attractive, charming millennial guys attempt to woo wealthy women in the hopes of changing their own misfortune. Their leader (and perpetual man-boy) Kyle, is always looking for shortcuts in life and he must stay competitive in order to win the affection (and lifestyle) of LA’s most prominent women. But the game of playing people, comes at a price. And for Kyle, that includes losing the love of his life.


Created by: Lina Suh and Helen Krieger

Clara, a young Korean-American doctor’s assistant with dreams of being an artist, has a secret that would shame her strict, traditional parents: she has a white boyfriend…and she’s living with him. When one fateful night brings the different pieces of her life into conflict, she must confront her unsettled identity to have any hope of reconciling herself and her two lives.


Created by: New Form

Starring: Madeleine Byrne

This vertically shot, frantic buddy-comedy follows Christiana, an ambitious yet naive young woman who scores an assistant job to a high profile, wrecking-ball of a social media star: SMASHLEY. Week in and week out she finds herself thrown into a proverbial wood chipper–one insane request after another.

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