Nigeria Cries For Its Beloved Children (part Two)

Source: Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.

As a result of the concerns for our country, Nigeria, we decided tofind out why most Nigerians are silent with all the inappropriatep olitical aberrations that is going on in the country. We believe that something must give rise to something. According to Ivan Pavlov’s psychological theory of Stimuli-Response, there has to be areason why the people are languishing unable to utilize their political power –the “people power” in Nigeria to save the country from collapse.

Our investigation shows that many Nigerians of today like to leave everything in the hands of God through prayers. They believe that since government has refused to care for the common persons God is the only power that can alleviate their problems, the best thing to do will be to wait. In other words, they are waiting for God to do for them what they are in a position to do for themselves if only they know what and how. They forget that their problem is political and that God is not a politician therefore does not play politics, but He might just be an umpire or an observer watching to see who is more benevolent in the use of the mind towards alleviating human suffering.

Democratic politics and political activities are human affairs that require the use of mind by all parties and collective individuals within the polity. Our investigations further reveal that the docile attitude towards social policies and politics including the undisturbed political behaviour of many Nigerians, are the result of over dependence on religious dogmas brought about by foreign Christian church, in the country. Buhari, the cabal, Britain and their Arab supporters want to pay for the flight tickets to Heaven for those unconscious derailed Nigerians when the same Buhari does not know how to ensure three square meals for them here on Earth. The people hold the belief that the Higher power, God, will resolve their political problems that deny the people their inability to have three square meals a day. This attitude, belief and behaviour are what brought about the inability of the people to think of a better way out of the political issues in the country.

Meanwhile, the people cannot speak freely anymore; they cannot move freely no longer and the people are dying from human barbarism; the legal system that supposed to ensure democracy is collapsing, those who were supposed to be law makers have become enemies of the laws of the land and have become one with those who want to destroy the country while anomy is becoming the order of the day. In Nigeria, some of the most tyrannical and draconian of all laws in modern time, the laws that kill ideas in-print by journalists and artists and law to repress human thoughts, freedom to think and speak without hindrance are being processed for enactment in the country and yet, Nigerians in London could chase Buhari away from London, to return to his country, Nigeria. In spite of such action by Nigerians; those at home are unable to see the need for a concerted effort and a united front to deal with some of the unbelievable human discomforts in the country. (Please download the rest of this article)

Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D. is a Professor of Political Science

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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