“Nigerian men love bums than boobs” – Nollywood Actress Evia Simon

actress Evia Simon

Actress Evia Simon, the self-acclaimed booty queen of Nollywood has declared that Nigerian men love the booty more than boobs.

In a chat with Potpurri, Evia claimed that even fellow women tend to embarrass her over her big bum, recounting an experience where a woman followed her for a distance just to have a feel of her butt to ascertain whether it is real or not.

For the Shandy’s Diary’s seductress, who isn’t so strong on the chest, she believes men tend to love women with big bum than with big boobs. Her simple reason is that, men tend to get more curious about women with big bums. Her words:

“It all depends on the man and his taste in women. Some men prefer boobs to bum while some prefer bum to boobs. But if you look at our Nigerian men these days, most of them go for bum even though their kind of women are slim ones. They still tend to favour and go after women with big bums because of curiosity. Their curiosity over what the bums hold drives them to want to know what lies beneath.”

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)