Nigerian Police Now Cadaver Contractors!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.

“People have their different experiences of SARS.

I was a clinical medical student in the years between 2002-2005.
One sight that never failed to arouse my interest was when Police vans drove into the Hospital premises with corpses of “armed robbers”.
It was a guaranteed fortnightly event at the very least.
Sometimes, they brought dead bodies for three days in a row.
Official statement:

1. Shoot-out with armed robbers.

2. Suspects shot while trying to escape.

But we medical students knew better.
I doubt it must have been co-incidence that 80% of the corpses I saw had bullets at exactly the same spot on the head or chest.
I confirmed my suspicions when I befriended one SARS officer who told me how they operate.

These guys kill at the slightest excuse once there is the slightest inkling you’re involved in crime.
These ones, actually think they are doing society a favour.

The more criminally minded ones kill for gain, and frame up the victim.
Sometimes, innocents get killed, and the guilty ones who are well heeled bribe their way out.
We need to work on our judicial system to prevent a scenario where extra-judicial killings is a tempting alternative to justice for Police Officers.

From extra-judicial killing of “guilty” suspects tolerated even by the enlightened public, criminal elements in the force have extended that position towards more innocent victims, and that is what we are seeing today.
There is an actual connection”.
Courtesy Dr Obinna Aligwekwe


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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