Nigerian teenager shot dead in UK

A Nigerian teenager had his dream of studying at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom truncated when he was shot dead by a gang at a car park in Barking, East London.

Reports said 18-year-old David Adegbite, who was described by friends as a “loving, family boy”, was ambushed and shot in the head on Sunday evening while children played nearby.

He was visiting friends at St Ann’s estate when he was killed. Adegbite had previously lived on the estate.

Friends said he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

“He was such a smart guy, really clever and good at maths, he was due to start university.

“He was no gangster or drug dealer, he was a good family guy. He always talked about how much he loved his mother and wanted to make her proud.

“He was popular with everyone. I just can’t believe there are people out there in London with guns, you expect it in America but not here,” an 18-year-old, who gave her name as Mary, told the UK Evening Standard.

UK authorities arrested two 20-year-olds in connection with David’s death. One was released on bail pending further enquiries while the second remained in police custody.

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