Nigerian Travellers On RwandAir Yet To Receive Luggage 48hrs After Arriving Lagos

More than 50 Nigerian travellers on RwandAir are yet to receive their luggage more than 48 hours after arriving the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

The passengers had arrived on RwandAir flight WB305 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Lagos via Kigali on Tuesday hoping to get their luggage on arrival but were disappointed when they could not retrieve their luggage at the baggage reclaim area of the airport on Tuesday.

Since the passengers arrived the country, they have been visiting the Lagos airport office of the airline but without success or when the luggage would arrive from Kigali.

A passenger, who narrated the ongoing situation to our correspondent, lamented that they had been treated poorly by the staff of the airline at the Lagos airport.

The male passenger, who gave his name as Chris, alleged that staff of the airline at the airport were yet to effectively communicate to them the whereabouts of their luggage, adding that they were not equally told in Kigali that their luggage were dropped.

He decried that passengers were billed to depart Dubai with an Airbus A320 aircraft, but were surprised when the aircraft arrived and it turned out to be a 737-800, which was smaller in terms of capacity.

He further explained that even on arrival date, the aircraft had to be diverted to Uganda before it went to Kigali with the passengers being told it was due to inclement weather and when the 737-800 eventually landed in Kigali, an Airbus A320 WB305 was deployed to return them to Nigeria.

He said the aircraft eventually arrived Nigeria but without their checked in luggage.

He stated, “There are about 50 of us without our baggage. When they changed the aircraft, I was suspicious, but because this aircraft was bigger, my fears were allayed a bit but because of the full flight I was still skeptical.

“When we landed, we went to baggage claims and none of our luggage came. No one said anything to us, which was wrong.

“Eventually, we were told to come back on Thursday (today). The flight landed but still no baggage.”


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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