Nigerian Wins Sug Presidential Election In United States’ University


SAN FRANCISCO, April 05, (THEWILL) – A native of Imo State, Chimezie Ebiriekwe, has emerged winner of the presidential election of San Diego State University, SDSU, Associated Students. The association in the United States’ university equates the Student Union Government, SUG, that obtains in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

The Nigerian polled 3,454 votes in the election to defeat his closest opponent Ben Delbick, who garnered 1,189 votes. Chloe Sension came third in the election with 1,014 votes while Kaitlyn Hart scored 94 to take the fourth position.

In the SDSU website, the brief profile of the Business Marketing Major reads, “My name is Chimezie Ebiriekwe I am from Carson, CA, I currently attend San Diego State University and I graduated from Crenshaw High School.

“I went to school in a neighbourhood where every black male either does not graduate from high school, or they do not make it past their first year in college. I made it out of high school, but I do not want to be the statistic that does not make it out of college.

“My parents and loved ones struggled financially to get me into college and in the position I am in right now, and I have no other option but to make sure I get everything that college has to offer and eventually have a great career for the rest of my life.

“Chimezie is not a very common name in America, but it is a known name in the country of Nigeria. My name means, “God fixes it”, I believe my name well fits the person I am today. The name, Chimezie, fits me well because it matches the lifestyle I live.

“My name is an Igbo name, one of the many native languages from Nigeria. My name is composed of two Igbo words, chi, which means God, and mezie which means fixes it. They are two separate words but they are put together as one to make a name.

“I currently attend San Diego State University and I really enjoy it here. I am a Business Marketing Major, and so far I am really enjoying the major, even though I am yet to enter my Upper-Division classes.

“The only class that is geared towards my intended major is my MIS 180: Information Systems class, and the class is the best class I have on my schedule right now. As a Freshman I believe that I am very involved on campus, I currently hold an Executive Board position as Treasurer for the Afrikan Student Union (ASU) and I am on the Marketing Committee for the American Marketing Association.

“I was also accepted to attend Aztec Core, a leadership conference for underclassmen on campus. I always find myself occupied and never wasting time sitting around, which sometime is hard when it comes to trying to balance hanging out with friends and studying my material for a class.”

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (local news)