Nigerians accuse Naomi Campbell of becoming another Stormy Daniels

Many Nigerians have taken to Twitter and Facebook to accuse top model and beauty queen Naomi Campbell of being a sex worker who was flown into Africaa��s most populous country to a�?warm upa�? President Muhammadu Buharia��s bed.

Other controversies: Ms. Campbell, who was already embroiled in a diamond controversy with former Liberian President Charles Taylor, is in Nigeria for ARISE Fashion Week in the commercial city of Lagos.

However, anger and astonishment began to rise after she was seen with the embattled Nigerian President posing for smiling pictures as Mr. Buhari toured a multibillion naira Eko Atlantic City site in Lagos.

The pictures and videos triggered worries that she was another a�?Stormy Danielsa�?, the prostitute who has claimed to have had marathon sex with U.S. President, Donald Trump.

Many Nigerians interpreted the invitation to a presidential tour to mean she was brought into the country by the presidency, and not the organizers of the fashion week.

As insults and abuses directed at the presidency increased, and the description of her as a prostitute escalated, a presidential adviser on social media, Tolu Ogunlesi, described her critics and abusers as a�?mada�?.

This triggered even more anger. With the situation out of control, Mr. Ogunlesi, once the darling of Twitter, but who seems to have lost all credibility after accepting a political appointment that has turned out to be a fiasco, apologized.

a�?Ia��d like to clarify the tweet of mine thata��s gone viral in the last few hours. I would NEVER describe/think of Nigerians, or those who disagree with me, as a�?animalsa��,a�? he said in a Facebook post.

a�?My comment were specific to those who thought it appropriate to denigrate/a�?slandera�? Naomi Campbell. The Tweet should have been worded clearer & less provocatively. Lesson learnt. Grateful to all who got in touch to complain/advice. Thank youa�?.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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