Nine foods to avoid if you’re having sex tonight

Yes, it’s Monday, truly; and you probably had enough of your partner over the weekend.

However, you may still be raving to go this evening, if only to convince yourself that office politics or no office politics, life goes on!

So, if you plan to hit the sheets later tonight, there are some foods to avoid. This is because if you eat the wrong meal, you could end up with embarrassment, while you could feel fatigued and not exactly in the mood to get it on.

According to registered dietitian, Lauren Harris-Pincus, certain foods contain ingredients that could make you gassy, cause some stomach discomfort, and even kill the libido. You sure don’t want any of these!

So, here’s a list of foods to avoid before sex…

Beans: “Beans are known as the ‘musical fruit’ because of their oligosaccharides, which we cannot digest in the stomach and small intestines,” says Pincus. “If you are prone to gassiness, don’t eat bean before approaching your partner for sex.”

Onions: Although they’re a tasty and healthy food, onions can cause bad breath because of its smelly sulfur compounds which linger in the mouth and become absorbed in the bloodstream, according to WebMD. So, avoid onions before sex.

Garlic: Garlicky meal can be unbearable, says Pincus. In addition to bad breath, garlic can also cause stomach aches, as some people are sensitive to fructants, a compound found in the food. So, keep off it, at least for tonight.

Cruciferous vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage are all healthy choices, but like beans, they are very likely to cause some gas and bloating. “They not only cause more gas, but stinky gas, thanks to the sulfur,” says Pincus.

Coffee: Sure, coffee is great for increased energy, but it also messes with your blood sugar levels, which could end up messing with your adrenal glands, experts at online portal, Prevention, say. This could increase stress hormone, cortisol; and in turn could affect your testosterone, resulting in a drop of sexual desire and response. Again, coffee could cause an upset stomach.

Sugar-free sweets: Sugar-free sweets might seem healthy, but they contain sorbitol, a sugar substitute that can leave you feeling nasty. “Many people experience unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects after consuming too much sorbitol,” says Pincus.

Red meat: Eating red meat before sex could lead to blasting foul-smelling gas. Meats such as pork and beef contain methionine, an amino acid with sulfur that can leave you with smelly fart, notes the online portal, Thrillist.

Soda water: No one likes to feel bloated when they’ve got a night out; but soda water can cause just that! Drinking carbonated water can lead to a build-up of air in the stomach, which could leave you with uncontrollable belching, bloating, and abdominal discomfort, according to Livestrong.

French fries: French fries are high in sodium, which could lead to some uncomfortable bloating. They’re also high on the glycaemic index and are difficult to digest, which could leave you feeling tired and low on energy, experts at Livestrong say.

The bottom line: Everyone’s body reacts differently, so, figure out what works best for you!

Source: punch