NLC condemns attack on AI’s office

NLC President, Mr. Ayuba Wabba

FIdelis Soriwei, Abuja

The Nigeria Labour Congress has condemned the attack on the country  office of the Amnesty International by some sponsored protesters in the country.

The President of the NLC, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, said during a solidarity visit to the office of the Amnesty International in Abuja on Monday that the congress was ready to mobilize Nigerians against those behind the anti-AI protests.

He said that the NLC would stand by the international human rights body for doing a commendable job in the country.

He advised the human rights body not be bothered by the ultimatum given to it to leave the country by the sponsored protesters.

Wabba said that those who carried out the protest were sponsored by people indicted by the recent reports of the organization on human rights.

According to him, the tendencies of corrupt politicians to sponsor people to promote their selfish interests in the society would not be allowed to continue.

He stressed that it was rather said sad that Nigerians were turning protests into a business venture.

He said “We are ready to mobile Nigerians to come and counter those people who have given you an ultimatum because we are aware that they are sponsored.

“Amnesty International is known globally as a credible organisation and the NLC will continue to partner with them in the quest for human rights which cannot be separated from workers’ right.”

Speaking also, the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Amnesty International in Nigeria, Awal Rafsanjani, said that the issues that culminated in the attack on the AI office were already being promoted by Nigerians and the media.

He said that the organization was with the evidence that those who carried out the attack fought over sharing of the money given to them to carry out the nefarious act.

Rafsanjani said that the AI would not be deterred in the campaign for the promotion of human rights across the world.

He stressed that those behind the attack were only out to destroy the reputation of civil society bodies in the country.

Source: punch