No Matter the Storm, I’ll Scale Through…Iyabo Ojo

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, aside being busy with work and her personal businesses, has time to read a lot that is happening in the country and dirty things said about her but she has chosen to ignore them.

Rather than spend her small money on getting lawyers to arrest anyone saying bad about her, she has chosen to hand her case over o God.

The actress has in recent weeks being a subject of mockery after her name was mentioned in a sex scandal issue but she chose to ignore whatever is being said.

Speaking for the first time, the actress has made it known that whatever she has become today has been through the grace of God and rather than talk, she leaves her battle for God to handle.

“My smiles are from within because I believe in my God & I find peace in me because I believe in myself, i believe that when u have a good soul & think good & not evil towards your fellow being, no matter how rough d road may be for you, God will always be for you, I have chosen happiness above all though I have witnessed sadness a couple of times & may even witness more, God forbid!!! but no matter the obstacle, no matter the storm, I will always battle it & stand tall against all odds, because I believe that no one or any situation has the right to take my happiness away from me, because I believe my God will never allow what is above me take over me & as long as God has made me unbreakable & unshakeable then d enemy will always fail, I may fall a thousand times I tell u but I will always rise again greater than b4!!! I am never afraid to live because I know I will only live once!!!

“So I have chosen to be strong, i have chosen to be courageous, I have chosen to live happy, #iamatestimonyofGodsgreatness he has made d impossible possible countless times in my life & I will forever be grateful to him who has created me, I tell u never give up on yourself, never look down on yourself, never see yourself as a failure, never give up on yourself, never let any being make u feel miserable, believe in your God, who has created u & believe in yourself, I am never afraid to take chances because that builds my experience, dear one never be afraid to take chances, never be afraid to fall, never be afraid to start all over again, it is never to late until death calls, never be afraid to love again, never say never because you never know what your creator has in stock 4 u!!! Speak positive into your own life, think positive, be inspired!!”

Source: The Nigerian Voice