NTA Communications Bars Staff From Engaging With News Report

In the wake of recent happenings in the country, the management of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has barred its staffs from relating with news content branded as sensitive national issues.

In a memo signed by Steve Egbo, Executive Director of Admin. and Training which was sent to head of departments and obtained by Saharareporters, NTA stated that the management frowns at how staff engage with sensitive topics that appear in the news. NTA claims this news content has the tendency of disintegrating the country.

In a bid to restrain its staff from relating with news content, NTA tagged the act as reckless and unethical.

a�?The unguarded and unethical manner, in which online publication concerning sensitive and topical national issues are being embraced, canvassed, patronized and shared by members of staff to the embarrassment of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has come to the notice of board management. Management has decided to put a stop to this reckless and unethical behaviour.a�?

NTA further warns staff to stay away from relating with sensitive national issues and threatens to deal with any staff who continues to engage with them.

a�?The Director General therefore expressly mandates you to inform all members of staff in your station to steer clear of any publication (online or otherwise) that could impact negatively on the corporate existence of Nigeria and to the embarrassment of Nigeria Television Authority.”

a�?Any member of staff caught in this fast spreading serious act of misconduct will be made to face the consequences of his/her action in line with the civil service rules.a�? The memo reads.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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