Obey God So You Can Obtain His Blessings — Fr. Chukwuedo

Christians have been urged to adhere to the commandments of God as such will enable them live a life free of complaints.

Rev. Fr. Donatus Chukwuedo made the call on Sunday while delivering a homily during the holy mass celebrated at the Catholic Church of the Ascension, Asaba.

According to the Priest, those who obey the commandments of God live happy lives, challenging Christians to experiment by adhering to the words of God for a week and see the difference in their lives.

He said, “I appreciate all of you for the practical celebration of love we witnessed on 14th of February during mass wedding that took place in the church; through your efforts and the blessings of God, the mass wedding was so peaceful and a huge success.

“Always join others to work in the church because, it is not a prerogative of certain individuals to work in the church, there are blessings that accompanied rendering services, working for God and we should always come out together and work for the best results to be achieved.

“In the house of God, there is fullness of joy; if you don’t find joy in the house of God, you will not find joy anywhere and with the joy of the Lord, He answers our prayers.

“Abraham was so blessed because he obeyed the commandments of the Lord; his was a practical example to show that the keeping of every commandment of God comes with blessings.

“God hears us, do your part by obeying His commandments and it will be His duty to bless you; experiment it for one week by keeping His commandments and see how His blessings will be yours.

“Abraham was called and his name was changed, he was called and his destination was altered, yet he obeyed and God blessed him.

“At the wedding at Cana in Galilee, Mary went to Jesus and asked for a favour; Jesus respected His mother so well, and every child should have respect for his or her parents, as Mary said, “whatever He ask you to do, do it” and the disciples obeyed without asking questions by filling the jars with water and were not afraid to serve the water without knowing that it has been turned into wine; the disciples obeyed and they became witnesses to the benefits of obeying the words of God.”

The Holy Mass which was well attended featured thanksgiving by families and individuals, especially those who took part in the mass wedding.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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