Ogun 2019 Elections:Muslims give conditions to support political parties, candidates

Muslims in Ogun State under the auspices of The Muslim Congress (TMC) and Organisation of Tadhamunul-Muslimeen (OTM) have given conditions that must be met before supporting political parties and candidates requiring their votes in the 2019 general elections.

The Muslims who gave the conditions at the Annual Lecture held at MKO Abiola stadium, Abeokuta to discuss “Nigeria’s Stability: Religious and Leaders on Call” identified key issues that will influence their decision as including respect for Muslims rights in the manifestoes, programmes, configurations of the political parties and candidates.

The decision was supported by the national missioner of Nasirullahi-li-Fathi (NASFAT), Imam AbdulAzeez Onike Morufu; Asiwaju-Adeen of Ogun State, Prince Sansudeen Adebayo Apelogun; former national president of National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO), Alhaji KamalDeen Akintunde; Asiwaju-Adeen of Ogun State, the Olota of Ota, Professor Adeyemi AbdulKabir Obalanlege;, and host of other Islamic clerics and representatives of Islamic oragnisations at the event such as Ansarudeen and Nawairudeen.

In his welcome address, the Amir of OTM, Ustaz Tiamiyu Hammed, express concerns that successive government has taken Muslims rights for granted.

“Nigerians expect that changes in government should translate into good governance, improvement in education, sound health system, improvements in all sectors of the economy and economic growth, but reverse was the case.”

“This called our attentions to examine if our government is really working for us or against us; weather the changes we had only create opportunities for the most influential minorities or for every willing Nigerians”

Ustaz Tiamiyu explained that the event offered opportunities for governorship candidates of political parties in the State to rob minds with Muslims adding that it was only one governorship candidate who graced the occasion.

He explained that others could not make it due to their involvement in their political party’s activities.

In his address, the Waali of TMC, Dr Ibrahim Ogunkoya warned that “Muslims will no longer treat with kid gloves cases of molestation or psychological intimidation or suppression of Muslims”

“The authorities at both state and federal levels should call their officers to order in order to prevent unnecessary religious crisis that may erupt if such people continue in their wanton display of hatred for Islam its symbols. A stitch in time saves nine!”

“It shows that the people have become more aware and are ready to take their destinies in their hands….Let us all acquire the political education necessary to distinguish between political jobbers and the politicians who have the interest of the nation at heart. The power in your thumb should be used to usher in an era of progress and development for the nation through the election of credible candidates.”

In his speech, the chairman of the occasion, Prince Samsudeen Apelogun set the tone of the discussion at the event by calling on “political leaders at all levels of government have to be model to the citizens by avoiding inciting statements that could disunite the country and plunge the country into crisis, rather they should focus their attention on those issues that will promote peaceful coexistence and unity amongst the citizens.”

“In Nigeria today, it is rather difficult to hold a public office without being affiliated to a religion. Politicians make use of the power rooted in religion, not only to achieve their aims, but also to subjugate their opponents and to legitimise their religion. It is not a secret that politicians openly advocate religious sentiments in campaigning for public support. While these political office holders misuse religion as a tool to get to power, religious leaders seize the opportunity to gain from those who hold public office.”

“To ensure political stability in the country, Nigerians should not see politics as a business but as a call to serve and to help distribute fairly the resources that are given by God. Political leaders should not see politics as a call to acquire and divert government money to one’s account, while the generality of the citizens will be languishing in abject poverty and unemployment.”

In their lectures, the missioner of NASFAT and Sheikh Isa Akindele who spoke on “Hate Speech and Its Implications: Lessons From Other Climes” and “Before and Beyond 2019: Recipe For Peace in Our Nation” respectively, called on political and religious leaders to work hard in ensuring the stability of Nigeria.

In his address, the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka pledges his commitment to the welfare of the people OF Ogun State.

Isiaka who sought for the support of Muslims towards his aspiration promised to take into consideration the demands of the Muslim communities if elected as the governor of Ogun State.

In their keynote addresses, the representatives of the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), and the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State, called on all stakeholders to contribute positively towards the 2019 general elections.

The REC who was represented by the Administrative Secretary, Mr James Oludele Popoola urged members of the public to be part of the electoral process by actively involved in the pre-election, election and post election activities.

The Commissioner of Police who was represented by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr Abimbola Oyeyemi said the police will continue to play its role in ensuring violence free elections.

Jamiu Folarin is a Lecturer and Researcher, Mass Communication Department, Crescent University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. http://www.cuab.edu.ng/


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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