Oodua Peoples' Congress (O PC) Celebrates Alhaji Kayode Lateef Jakande, (LKJ)

Oodua Peoples’ Congress (O PC) Celebrates Alhaji Kayode Lateef Jakande, (LKJ)

Oodua Peoples’ Congress (O PC) Celebrates Alhaji Kayode Lateef Jakande, (LKJ)

As OPC Leader, Aare Prince Osibote Describes Him “..the quintessential leader, nationalist and pathfinder”

The National President of Oodua Peoples Congress (O PC), Aare Prince Osibote has describe the reverred former governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Kayode Lateef Jakande as “the quintessential leader, nationalist and pathfinder”. In a speech he delivered at the residenece of the sage, Aare advised today’s political leaders to take a cue from the icon who laid a solid political, economic, educational and social foundation for Lagos State.

Below is Aare’s speech:
A speech by the National president of Oodua Peoples Congress (O PC), Aare Prince Osibote during a courtesy visit to the distinguished Second Republic Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Kayode Lateef Jakande, at his residence in Ilupeju, on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

Your Excellency, we are here to celebrate you. We are here to reinforce the veritable message that Nigeria needs a quintessential leader epitomized by our own LKJ.

We have come again to accentuate what you espoused, practised and inculcated – the values, virtues and culture. We are here to further draw and drink from the abundant waters of dignity, honour and integrity that flows like a river in your vein. We are here to further etch in the minds of millions of the youths that there is honour and dignity in labour; that a good name is worth more than riches.

Your Excellency, as a visionary leader, you created channels for millions of us to be discovered as tomorrow’s leaders; nurtured us and shaped our future. Millions of us owe you immense gratitude and appreciation for showing and providing the light and illumination through an all-round-education.

By the grace of your focused, dynamic and visionary leadership style, you made sure millions of Nigerians became professionals cutting across all academic disciplines.

Papa, you never discriminated in any form. In fact, you remain the indisputable bridge across many divides and have continued to live among the people, your inimitable achievements, strides, social and political standing and status notwithstanding.

Sir, you brought hope to the indigent, who would not have had the opportunity to send their hapless children to school from primary to university level. The free education policy of your administration as the governor of Lagos State afforded the children of the poor, the less privileged and the privileged in the society the ample opportunity and chance to realize their dreams, impact on the society and spread prosperity.

Baba Kekere, as many fondly call you. Distinguished LKJ, the acronym for your name; you are a rare breed, a legend and an icon with an uncommon Midas touch. Your tenure as the governor of the state remains the most cherished, talked about, memorable and ingrained in the subconscious of millions of Nigerians and non-Nigerians. Thanks to your distinguished and star performance in critical sectors, including education, healthcare, Housing, infrastructure, public utilities, social welfare, sports, transportation, security, remain the benchmark and template in the history of the state and indeed Nigeria and beyond its shores.

Baba, you tower above your peers because of your Spartan lifestyle, business acumen, administrative wizardry, political sagacity and candour. As a man famous for policies and programmes with human face, you brought governance to the door steps of the people. Today, your reputation and name is synonymous with progressive projects and ideas underscored by the limitless monuments and infrastructure generally called Jakande Estate, etc.

Daddy, we salute your courage, we applaud your tenacity of purpose and admirable candour. We commend your disciplined, cultured, pious and scholastic lifestyle and service to the entire human race. You represent the legend that lights candle that lit others to expand illumination among humanity.

Sir, we thank you; we appreciate you; we adore you and pray that humanity, especially Nigerians and their leaders will continue to draw from your ocean of wisdom, knowledge, candour, piety and other virtues you denote that exalt a nation.

Finally, we appreciate the entire members of your family, especially our Mama, who has continued to demonstrate what motherhood stands for; who has shown an uncommon faith and support and cooperation with Baba. We are proud of her record in discipline and comportment that has made her a role model to the world, just as we profoundly express our love and appreciation to your siblings who have been able to sustain the reputation and integrity of Jakande


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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