Dear Kwara PDP,

It is true that PDP is not the only party against the ruling hegemony in Kwara State. Also,the Independent Candidacy seems to be a bit faraway to the 2019 electioneering mechanism. Meanwhile, The practice of governance is incomplete without oppositions in place to x-ray the actions and inactions of an incumbent government. How can this be obtainable, if the present ruling dynasty in the State keeps saying there is no opposition in the state – tantamount to them giving what they wish rather than what the citizens desired. These and many others circumstances, coupled with the Radio programmes, which shows how serious and heart minded the PDP is, made the good people of Kwara to decide in making them an alternative ground to halt the hegemonic reign of the ruling dynasty in the state.

The aftermath of the Local Governments election is not only a signal against the APC, but an interpretation of Kwarans’ readiness for better political atmosphere – far from sycophancy, abrupt, and unfair treatment they have been receiving from the recalcitrant dynasty. They now want a structure that will be haste to listen to their plights and work towards ameliorating their weak stances.

The APC bigwigs with their shoddy minds, resolved that the outcome of the Local Governments election was due to the salary ineptitude of the various local governments (The local governments that the Governor claimed he does not have affiliation with, as if there is a State without Local governments), their claim has always been that the drop in allocation lead to such action. Gosh! No amount of deceit or propaganda can make Kwarans believe such surrogate as their abeyance is near, they have suffered inner insolvency. Their lies are not longer consumable and their days are numbered whilst the clock ticks.
There is no better explanation for their maladministration; The educational system is broken; there is no water to drink (they resulted to give water through tankers based on requests); the people are desperately poor; youth are unemployed and have no hope; there is no systematic regime of peoplea��s empowerment and most projects they expended monies on, were either irrelevant prestige or white elephant projects, that did not create value nor add to the well-being of Kwaraa��s people. What have they offered the populace as a dividend of democracy if not the quagmire they embedded us with.

The majority of Kwarans has damning opinions about how the ruling APC mismanaged the state finances with high propensity for corruption and outright stealing. They have failed in all ramifications. Hence, it is right time to change them for good. This is what Kwarans yearns for, and the total actions lies in 2019 Elections.

At this juncture, the Kwara PDP needs to know that the people of Kwara deserves to be served better and willing to substitute this present hegemony. The hope is that the Kwara PDP will look inward to bring forth, A better candidate to against this unwanted ruling imperious leaders; A candidate with no past record of eating from the now moribund hegemony, A candidate that can help restore the lost glory economically, A candidate with integrity and unquestionable antecedent, A candidate that can believe in human resources, exploit it, and promote it.

The people of Kwara State has decided to change this ungodly hegemony, and they are ready to execute it finally with their PVC come 2019. Hence, they wish the scenario of 2015 will not come into existence to thwart away the waiting glory.

An Analyst once said late 2015 that “…..What is clear is that change will sweep away the ruling hegemony in Kwara State one day, and we will discover the truth about what has happened to our finances and other assets in the period since 2003. President Muhammadu Buhari has shown that it is possible to expose crimes people think are hidden. It is only a matter of time”.

The time to change the “change” is near.



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