Open Letter to Governor Yahaya Bello & Senator Dino Melaye

Dear Gov. Yahaya Bello & Sen. Dino Melaye, Permit me to make this an open letter like I always wanted.

As a concerned Nigerian, I decided to share my view and piece of advice regards to conflict at the confluence city involving your Excellency and his Distinguish, I feel bad that Nigerians are crying and fighting for young people to be represented in governance but a few we have are busy fighting each other probably for personal or selfish interest, There are no permanent friends or enemies but permanent interests in politics so you both should stop being driven by that and think positively about what you can do for the state.

Kogi yearns for leadership now as i write and as the political battle between you two deepens, backwardness and all sort will be on the rise, Kogites need development and the Western part of the state need proper representation on the floor of the senate not the cat and rat battle happening now in the state…

The both of you who are meant to represent the people have not given much thought to the lives that this crisis has claimed and more if it continues.

Arms and other dangerous weapons are finding their way into the state, making it a hot bed for criminal activities as the security situation worsens, investor confidence will be low, depriving the state of the much needed revenue to pay outstanding salaries.

Please I urge you both to look for a way to end this and form a good working relationship to underpin a guaranteed future for the youths of kogi…

Yours Sincerely,
Dominic Barcity…


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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