Open Letter to Linda Ikeji by Reno

I have seen your reactions to my various nuggets advocating for chastity on the part of men and women until they are married. One of your reactions is that the idea of maintaining your virginity until marriage is untenable in the 21st Century. I beg to differ. The word of God that I believe in (The Bible) teaches that sexual relationships are exclusively to be enjoyed only in the institution of marriage.

Time has no effect on the word of God. What was true when Moses wrote the Torah, is true today. What was true when Yeshu’a (Jesus in Catholicism and Isa in Islam) walked the earth is true today. I firmly believe that we can not adjust Scripture to fit our lifestyles. On the contrary, we must adjust our lifestyles to fit Scripture. I stress women more in my nuggets about chastity because women are more vulnerable than men. Women get pregnant. Men do not. Women are ostracized by pre and extra marital sex more than men. It is not fair, but life is not fair. Life is just and justice is based upon laws not upon what is fair or not.

Linda Ikeji
You often publish stories of new born babies dumped by the road side. I can assure you that each and everyone of those innocent souls is as a result of pre or extra marital sex. Premarital sex often leads to single parenthood and it has been scientifically proven that children from single parents homes are less happy, less fulfilled and are more prone to violence and crime.

You see Linda, this is a consequence for breaking God’s law regarding sexual purity and marriage. Finally, I have read both the Bible and the Quran and they both agree on the issue of abstinence until marriage. Premarital and extramarital sex is not sophisticated or chic. It is unGodly and no passage of time will make if right.

Reno Omokri Number One bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years, Chibok, 2015 and the Conspiracies.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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