Open Letter to The Comptroller-General of Prisons, JaA?faru Ahmed

Dear Sir,
Unruly Conduct of some of your officers in Gwarinpa Residential Estate, Abuja

I write this open letter to you for your intervention on reckless driving of your officers inside Gwarinpa residential estate in Abuja.

Every working day, at between 7:30 am and 8:00 am, residents of Gwarinpa estate are treated to unwaranted intimidation by your officers through reckless and unruly driving within a reasonably populated residential estate. I have personally observed the menace between Chambian Plaza in Gwarinpa to their final destination somewhere in 69 Road. They are made up of three vehicles of 2 saloon cars (peugeot brand) and Toyota Hilux , all painted in Nigeria Prisons colour. They sometimes drive in convoy and other times seperately and with no official flag hoisted on the cars, meaning that there is no flag officer in those vehicles.

However, the Hilux vehicle seem to be composed of highly irresponsible team, ranging from the driver to the gun trotting men behind.

The attached photo will explain what we endure for these prison officers every working day here. As explained in this photo taken by my wife who was sitting on the passenger seat of our car. This morning’s drama started right from Galadima gate where a road safety officer signalled them to slow down but they ignored the signal and instead drove on the lane of vehicles coming from the direction of Charly Boy’s House (one way).

Recklessly driving on the other lane (one way)

You can notice a near head on collision with the keke rider, rightly excersising his driving right. This is happening at no emergency situation or VIP protection protocol. Could the explanation be that “bloody civilians” are not to use the same road with the “above-the-law” prison officers?

reckless driving in a morning rush scene in Gwarinpa by prison officers

Sir, on your remarks on the 8 officers that were dismissed in November 2017, you stated: “The Controller-General wishes to appreciate officers and men of the Service including members of the public for providing useful information that has continued to assist the authority in identifying unfit individuals within the ranks for appropriate action”. You are a well known and acknowledged apostle of indiscipline hence we appeal for your immediate intervention.

It may interest you to know that many high ranking army, airforce, naval, police and other security agencies officers

are resident in Gwarinpa, utilize same public roads without threat to rights of fellow Nigerians.

You can see the condemnable chaos they plunged other road users into because of illeegal use of the road

Our Demands:
We demand that the officers involved in this breach of fellow citizen’s constitutional right must be made to answer for it as law is no respecter of persons.

We demand that proper training be given to those that will replace the unruly officers. Siren and revolving lights are activated only in emergency situations and not an instrument of cohesion against fellow tax payers and citizens.

We demand that they abide by the driving rules as applicable to a populated residential estate, respecting instructions from law enforcement officers, stationed to control motor traffic, to save lives and install orderliness in our Nation.

Thank you Sir for your attention as we expect changes soon because change begins with all of us



SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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