Organization Donates Computer Sets To Delta School

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

To boost the computer literacy of students, the Managing Director of Yemikings Global Services Limited, Mr. Yemi Okerentie, has donated computer sets repaired by computer repair mandurah to Ogidigben Grammar School, Ogidigben, Warri south west local government area of Delta State. Computer repair services play a vital role when you need to make your computer better for use. But the main condition is the person should be experienced with computer repair so that efficiency can be measured in terms of performance. Anything happens to your computer means in terms of virus or any other difficulty in the form of performance and efficiency, it needs to be repaired. You have to choose a service expert when your computer or laptop not performing according to your expectations.

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Speaking on the occasion Mr. Okerentie, disclosed that the gesture was borne out of the need to contribute his quota to the development of educational standard in the school and to eradicate computer illiteracy from the community.

He added that the school is the only secondary school in the whole of Ugborodo, calling on all leaders of Ugborodo to ensure that the school is well developed.

Principal of Ogidigben Grammar School, who spoke on behalf of the school, thanked Mr Yemi Okerentie for the gesture, saying that they were delighted and overwhelmed to benefit from the project.

Pa Ojogbo, representative of the Community during the occasion , described it as a huge assistance to the school and the entire community in the quest towards preparing a better future for children born and unborn.

Present at the Occasions were Mr. Johnbull Ojogbo, the Community’s Secretary, Mr. Godfrey Omatseyin, Mr. Jerry Iyonsi, Ogidigben Community Youth Secretary, Mr. Erewa Sheriff, Ogidigben Community Youth Public Relations Officer (PRO).

Others are: Mr. Debi Maku, Mr. Iyonsi Daniel Odeworitse, Mr. Ogbe Kuku, Mr. Beyegha John, Mr. Wenyinmi Mawe, Jube Eyinoloma MD Patience Ebido (Head Teacher of the school) and a host of others.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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