Osun residents storm CAI4SR vision center for free eye test, treatment 

Residents of Osun State who have challenges with their eyes have continue to throng the vision center set up by a nonprofit organization in Osun State, Community Advancement Initiative for Self-Reliance (CAI4SR) where they are receiving free eye test and treatment.

CAI4SR partnered Essilor Foundation in its bid to curb blindness among the people in the state and enhance good eye health of the people.

The Executive Director of CAI4SR, Mrs Eni Ayeni said the Vision Center inaugurated in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of CAI4SR was aimed at addressing eye health challenges among the people.

The Project Manager of Essilor Foundation, Olivier Martin out of 4.7 billion people on the planet, only 2 billion have access to vision correction while 2.7 billion people still lack access to vision correction.

He added that 90 percent of the 2.7 billion people are in the rural communities. He also noted that one out of three children in such places does not have good vision and might not be able to do well in school unless necessary corrections are done.

Olivier said the vision center was set up to enable people check their eyes, know the status of their vision and be able to seek necessary correction at the right time before complications set in.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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