Paramount Nabs Magical YA Book 'Labyrinth Lost' (Exclusive)

The story follows a young Latina witch who wants to reject her magical destiny.

Paramount is joining the coven for Labyrinth Lost.

The studio has optioned the YA book from writer Zoraida Cordova. The story follows Alejandra Mortiz, who comes from a family of brujas (witches) and has unsuccessfully tried to hide her powers.

Ultimately, she chooses to reject her destiny of becoming a witch and casts a spell that is meant to strip her of her powers. Instead it banishes her family into the underworld of Los Lagos. Alejandra and her non-magical best friend, Rishi, go on a journey to save her family by using the very magic that she wanted to reject.

Paramount has a number of YA properties in various stages of development, including Anatomy of a Misfit and An Ember in the Ashes.

Labyrinth Lost is in the early stages of development and does not yet have a writer or any producers attached. 

SOURCE: Hollywood