Pdp House Caucus Denounces Impostors Claiming To Be A Faction

Swiftly, within hours of an announcement of their existence, members of a group which call itself “Fresh PDP” have been roundly denounced by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House Caucus.

In a statement issued by the House Deputy Minority Leader, Honourable Chukwuka Onyema, the caucus condemned the group, describing it as a mere band of ill-disguised impostors whom the House caucus will never recognize or interact with.

“This band of impostors – pawns being strung along by devious elements in the ruling party – has the audacity to arrogate the name of our party, the PDP, to its misadventure, using a rented space somewhere in Asokoro, Abuja.

“Feigning complete ignorance that the Wadata Plaza national headquarters of the PDP that is recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission is located at Wuse Zone 5 in Abuja, they pasted two copies of our flag on the wall and went to town like a band of jesters.

“The PDP House caucus hereby declares that the five leprous fingers said to constitute the mischievous adventure do not constitute any faction, splinter group or whatever fanciful description they claim within PDP as they are only serving the errands of the ruling party elements planning to use them for even more mischief early next year.

“The activities of the said men claiming to be starting a fresh PDP deserve urgent investigation and immediate halt by the police and the Department of State Security as we would not want enraged supporters of the PDP to take the laws into their hands in the process of dealing with such miscreants.

“There is need to investigate how far these five leprous fingers are connected to the APC and its past record of widespread deceit and unscrupulous propaganda.

“Our convention has come and gone in the face of a ruling party that seems so petrified at the thought of facing a reawakened PDP, even as it remains unable to hold a national convention like we did.

“We note too that a government that finds it impossible to implement a mere 25% of the national budget in any given year has now frantically woken up in a rush, doing a two-days’ FEC meeting just to pass contracts worth N377 billion before campaigns begin in earnest.

“The mischievous claim of forming a fresh PDP with the voice of five unknown men shows the hands of APC in its desperation to hold on to power by all means, even after failing to touch lives purposefully in spite of making scores of unrealized promises,” the PDP House caucus stated.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (politics)

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