PDP House won’t be rebuilt with termites infested woods – Fayose’s aides replies Buruji’s group

Special Assistant to the Governor of Ekiti State on Public

Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka has dismissed comments by

those gathered in Lagos today, by Senator Buruji Kashamu and paraded

as PDP leaders in the Southwest, saying; “the PDP house will not be

rebuilt with termites infested woods.”
Olayinka, who reacted to the call by the Kashamu group that the

National Caretaker Committee, led by Sen Ahmed Makarfi should desist

from relating with Governor Fayose as it regards the South West zone,

said; “Governor Ayodele Fayose will not waste his time on people whose

faces are abhorred in the gathering of people of good conscience.”

He said; “Governor Fayose is more concerned with rebuilding the PDP

and it is sure that the PDP house will not be reconstructed with

termites infested woods.”
The Governor’s spokesperson described those gathered by Senator Buruji

Kashamu in his hotel in Lagos today, as pseudo PDP members, saying

“Methinks Senator Kashamu and his men should rather face their Mega

Party of Nigeria (MPN).
“As at today, Senator Buruji’s Omo Ilu Foundation’s office in Ado

Ekiti is now the State Secretariat of MPN and all his men have openly

declared for the party. Or is MPN no longer Mega again?”

5 Things You Should Be Doing To Prevent Termites in Your Home


1. Stack Firewood, Lumber and Other Cellulose Products Away From Your Home for Termite Protection

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Divert downspouts away from your home to prevent pooling around your foundation.

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Overgrown bushes and mulch

Trim back overgrown bushes and rake mulch at least 4″ away from the foundation.

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clogged gutters

Clean out your gutters to improve drainage.

4. Trim Back Overhanging Tree Limbs and Overgrown Bushes

Tree limbs hanging over your roof and overgrown bushes can create shelter areas, cause moisture build up, and provide easy paths into your home for many pests, including termites. Trees hanging over the house will also drop leaves on your roof and in your gutters that can create moisture problems that could be conducive to an aerial termite infestation.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (politics)

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