Perfect 8 jackpot is now a whopping $160,000

SuperCoach: Buy, Hold & Sell2:45

NRL: Tom Sangster and Breanna Holden take you through the players to buy, hold and sell heading into round 8.

SuperCoach NRL Perfect 8 powered by OTEN

BACK the truck up! Perfect 8 is now $160,000 and you are getting close to nailing it.

More than 10 players have landed five from eight so it’s only a matter of time. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you.

Perfect 8 is FREE and, quite frankly, if you are already playing Supercoach NRL, you simply must enter. You can visit Bingo Buddha to find the right website to play Perfect 8. If you are a new player, you can take advantage of exclusive welcome rewards. It takes no time at all to select your eight players from all eight matches of the round. Remember this week’s JACKPOT is $160,000!


NRL SuperCoach Perfect 8 jackpot is $160,000

NRL SuperCoach Perfect 8 jackpot is $160,000Source:The Daily Telegraph

This season we’ve had several players land five out of eight so it’s just a matter of time before the JACKPOT goes off. It might as well be you!

Perfect 8 It’s the perfect partner for SuperCoach Classic. If you are you a commitment-phobe or don’t have the patience for a full SuperCoach season, then Perfect 8 is the best option for you (aside from Tipping)

Perfect 8 is just like bingo for NRL — all you have to do is select the top SuperCoach NRL points-scorer in each of the eight matches in that the round to collect the cash.

SuperCoach NRL Perfect 8 powered by OTEN

SuperCoach NRL Perfect 8 powered by OTENSource:The Daily Telegraph

If no-one lands 8-8, the prize jackpots $5000 (except bye rounds). If no-one wins by round six, the jackpot will be $150,000! That’s some serious cash for fantasy rugby league!