Pierce Brosnan Says He Won't Appear in 'Deadpool' Sequel

Hugh Jackman, Pierce Brosnan and Ryan Reynolds.

“Nothing has come my way yet.”

Well, that is 00-lame. 

Pierce Brosnan on Tuesday told Jimmy Kimmel that he has not been approached to play Cable in the Deadpool sequel, despite rumors that began when he took some silly pictures with star Ryan Reynolds and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. 

“Not true. Nothing has come my way yet,” Brosnan said. “It’s completely made up.”

The James Bond actor explained the story behind the photos

“We were sitting, waiting for a plane, the three of us, and the guys said, ‘Quick, let’s get a photograph,'” he explained. “Mr. Reynolds said, ‘Let’s do three wise monkeys,’ and we put it out there and it went viral.” 

Brosnan promised Kimmel he was not lying about the casting. 

Michael Shannon has emerged as the frontrunner for the role of Cable, The Hollywood Reporter first learned in late March.

Shannon, who if he got the role would be crossing over from Marvel (Superman) to DC just like Reynolds did (Green Lantern), is not the only one on the studio’s list. Stranger Things actor David Harbour is also on the shortlist. However, Shannon is in the prime spot. 

Kyle Chandler’s name was tossed around last summer, but sources say he was never in contention for the role.

Wolvie. Bond. Wade.

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SOURCE: Hollywood