Piers Morgan Is In a Twitter Beef With Marie Claire Over Kim Kardashian's Cellulite

No one is surprised.

In case you were wondering, Piers Morgan, TV personality and voracious Twitter user, doesn’t approve of cellulite.

The subject came up, as to be expected, when the 52-year-old was chatting with his Good Morning Britain co-hosts about the Kardashian family vacation, where Kim, Kourtney and their friends are currently frolicking the beaches of Mexico in bikinis. 

“I’m glad that these pictures are a little more honest,” said Susana Reid of paparazzi photos showing Kim Kardashian’s un-Photoshopped behind. “She has a few more lumps and bumps like the rest of us — cellulite, like the rest of us… It’s to be celebrated.” 

“Celebrate is the wrong word,” countered Morgan, who went on to add, “Why would we celebrate it? We put up with it, tolerate it, but not accept it.”[embedded content]

Unsurprisingly, the Twitterverse was not happy with Morgan’s comments, and Marie Claire‘s Mehera Bonner went on to suggest that he “maybe just stop talking about women’s bodies completely…” 

(To refresh your memory, here’s a running list of women whose bodies, or decisions regarding their bodies, Morgan has criticized: Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Watson, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Aniston, etc.)

Morgan took the Marie Claire piece as a jumping off point to criticize his detractors, sending out a barrage of tweets in which he dug through the archives of the women’s magazine to find articles which articulate various ways of getting rid of cellulite. 

When Morgan’s co-host attempted to explain that he had maybe missed the point, and that the celebration, as opposed to criticism, is a means of helping women accept a very natural part of even the most healthy bodies, he went after her, too.

“I said that if we did celebrate it, rather than constantly criticise the bodies that have it, it would make accepting it 100 percent easier,” wrote Reid on Twitter to support the idea that women with cellulite are not any less beautiful because of the presence of it.

To which Morgan replied, “Ok, well let’s start by celebrating your cellulite live on air, Monday morning. Deal?” 

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