Plot to Oust Buhari:  Vultures are Gathering over Murder of CAN Chairman

Muhammadu Buhari became President of Nigeria at a time every elite in the north wants to rule Nigeria. Sule Lamido, Ahmed Makarfi, Olusola Saraki, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Ali Modu Sheriff and Atiku Abubakar amongst others.

All these men believe they are suitably qualified to succeed either Jonathan in 2015 or Buhari in 2019. They switched political parties, hijacked party organs, and blackmailed each other. While some lost out during party primaries like Atiku in 2015, Saraki , Kwankwaso, Tambuwal in 2019, others were kicked out by court fiat like Modu Sheriff. Some others including Makarfi and Sule Lamido were muscled out by ‘no vacancy in Aso Rock’ sycophants in 2015. While few like Atiku lost in the general elections.

These men, from my observations, had never hidden their disdain for Muhammadu Buhari whom they see as a ‘Senior Almajiri’ about to usurp their traditional right to power and influence.

Buhari’s ascendancy to power in 2015 was due to Ex-President Jonathan’s mishandling of the Boko Haram terrorism. Jonathan’s lame duck approach to the kidnap, torture, rape and murder of both Christians and Muslims hoping to use it for political advantage, was his greatest undoing.

The northern elite for once in 2015, including Ibrahim Babangida, Aliyu Gusau, Theophilus Danjuma united under what some termed ‘Almajiri General Buhari’ to evict what some viewed as a ‘ suspicious Igbo face from Bayelsa’ who wants to revenge the civil war by allowing Boko Haram overrun the north.

All these alliances against Jonathan ended the moment the Buhari presidency introduced the Treasury Single Account, TSA. TSA swallowed up over two thousand government accounts. NNPC alone reportedly had over 100 accounts, FIRS had over 50 accounts while Customs had over 70 through which the national treasury is piped to the private accounts of choice cabals including retired Presidents, retired military officers, traditional rulers, Emirs, top politicians and opinion leaders.

Jonathan allowed the numerous accounts to thrive because he is also benefitting from those opened on his behalf to such extent that his oil minister is known to have siphoned over $6 billion dollars to her pretty self through fictitious crude oil allocations, crude oil brokerage fees, oil block proxy allocations and outright theft of millions of barrels of crude oil without recourse to the federation accounts. I have alluded to all these in earlier publications.

Buhari came and blocked this entire loophole and rendered some of them cashless, moneyless, and jobless, while rendering some others financially ineffective. As a result of the reforms, he was marked for death, overthrow, coup or revolution.

Buhari must either be killed in office, disgraced out of office, humiliated in election or removed by revolution.

The events prior to and after the 2015 elections all buttress to the facts. I am talking from personal discussions, observation and interfaces I made before, during and after the elections.

When Buhari refused to die by the chemically orchestrated assassination in Aso Rock in 2017, largely due to the assistance of M15 and British Royalty, he was quickly rebranded a tribalist, bigot, religious extremist, jihadist and dictator.

Ethnic militias and separatist movements were sponsored to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to portray Buhari as an Islamist about to enforce Jihad on Christians.

Some Christian leaders were induced with some few millions of dollars to join the propaganda. Attempts were made to convince the international community that Buhari should be given the Ghaddafi treatment.

The buildup to the 2015 elections was the height of the conspiracy. I was a player in the process. I traversed between the ruling party and the opposition both as a church leader, rights activist and leader of an influential Igbo group. Therefore I am privy to all the plots by sections of the northern elites and their political proxies to remove Buhari at all cost with the support of vociferous southern lynch men

The Onnoghen Saga, the Electoral Act Saga, the Body Bag Saga, the Shoot at Sight Saga were all turned to heavy political advantage by the opposition bent on uprooting Buhari.

The electoral outcome itself shocked the opposition PDP; however, it did not shock the international observers. I interacted with few of them before and after the polls and I knew the mindset with which they accepted the outcomes of the polls.

The Parallel Voting Tabulations, PVT, mechanism, introduced by the opposition party was their greatest undoing. Employing the PVT, the international election observers found out that their permutations tallied with the voting pattern as announced by the electoral umpire. Buhari won 15 million votes in against Atiku’s 11 million and it tallied with the PVT experiment.

The elections had come and gone, the fifth columnists have devised new strategies to send Buhari packing. Bandits were sponsored to attack the president’s home state of Katsina. The bandits earlier ravaging Zamfara State were empowered to cause more mayhem. The kidnappers along Abuja- Kaduna highway were empowered to be more ruthless, shooting at the slightest provocations.

The sponsors of Boko Haram whom Jonathan failed to reign in, have introduced an additional outfit ISWAP into the struggle. Fulani Herdsmen were sponsored to kill innocent people all over the south to give the impression that Buhari is trying to fulanize the south of Nigeria.

Buhari’s response to these security threats has been rather timid, myopic and lame duck. I deem it very unfortunate that General Buhari we supported in 2015 and 2019 to tackle the cabals that held Nigeria in bondage, including their military and political collaborators, is himself under their captivity.

Buhari has failed to act on intelligence reports from relevant security agencies about the involvement of high profile Nigerians in the renewed spate of terrorism and insecurity ravaging the nation.

Buhari had Intel that some bandits are politically sponsored. Buhari had Intels that the new wave of kidnappings is politically sponsored. Buhari had Intel that the murderous herdsmen trying to fulanize the nation are politically sponsored. Buhari did nothing. He watched as ISWAP killed 11 Christians on Christmas day. Buhari watched as the Chairman of CAN in Adamama State, Rev Lawan Indimi , was kidnapped and murdered by Jihadsts. The case of Indimi is a turning point.

The Plateau State Governor with aide of Buhari’s men successfully negotiated the release of the kidnapped aide workers in Borno, including a 22 year old fresh graduate, Jennifer Ukambong , from Plateau State, whom the Jihadists would have raped to death in the name of Allah.

In the case of the CAN leader and in the midst of negotiations, suddenly the Jihadists decided to kill Rev Lawan Indimi . Who influenced the sudden change of mind to kill the CAN chairman? Who influenced the breakdown of negotiations? Who prodded the Jihadists to demand for an impossible #200 million pounds, almost N100 billion naira, for the release of the Christian leader?

Buhari has failed. These entire Tinubu-Oshiomhole-Obaseki-Okorocha-Uzodimma feuds had taken the place of governance at the expense of the nation.

The coupists, the revolutionists, the secessionists, the Jihadists and their political sponsors are closing in on President Buhari. I know what I am saying, and I always do. If President Buhari does not wake up and do the right things, the vultures’ will soon gather around the carcass.

(Obinna Akukwe , a church leader and rights activist via [email protected] , @ObinnaAkukwe, facebook @obinnaakukwe )

Disclaimer: “The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Obinna Akukwe and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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