Plus-size lady who went viral in indecent Facebook post cries out for help, says she was impersonated

A few days ago, a very weird post went viral.. The post reads: “I need a guy who can lick me and my anus for 24 hours before her f*** me”

The lady in the photo is actually a New York based Model and Blogger, Jezra M+, and she has cried out for help after the account, Maame Akua Pretty Queen, impersonated her by using her picture with the indecent post.

Denying the post with a disclaimer on her official page, Jezra M+ wrote:

“This person by the name of (maame akua pretty queen), used my photo and made a nasty disrespectful post!!!”

She continued: “My photo is being used in a nasty disrespectful post. I’m trying to not let it get to me but I’m so upset about it. Thank you to every who is reporting the pages who continues to repost it. This is not only disrespectful to me it’s disrespectful to women in general, this is so sad!!!”

SOURCE: yabaleft