Police Divided Over Kidnapping Activities And Possible Den At Ojokoro

Despite the presence of the Nigeria Police at the scene of a suspected kidnappers’ den at Ojokoro, on the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, nothing tangible has come out of their surveillance of the area.  

The residents of Ojokoro claim that the police are yet to go inside the tunnel to verify whether there is such a hideout, as does one faction of the police which spoke to SaharaReporters anonymously. 

But Lewi Suleman, one of the DPOs present at the scene, dispelled claims of kidnapping in the area and described the existence of a kidnappers den as a rumor. He said his men had gone inside the tunnel to inspect it and found nothing.  

Putting the blame on residents of Ojokoro, one security operative asserted that had the people not passed jungle justice on the suspects caught, it would have assisted the police in their investigation. 

Olayinka Olaleye argued that there isn’t enough evidence to say there are kidnapping activities going on here, and accusing the residents of passing false information.

“The way Police would have investigated if truly there is a kidnapping den in the tunnel and if kidnapping activities happened here was through the people caught yesterday, but sadly, the people burnt him [thus thwarting] the police effort,” he stated. 

Another officer of the police, however, confided in one of our correspondents that the police has not inspected the tunnel and as such cannot dispel the claims of the locals.   He stated that while police officers have been physically around the area, they have for unknown reasons not entered the tunnel, adding that he was reading to go in if he could get necessary arms.

“I only need to get a very thick rope tied around my waist [and] a very bright light and I will go inside there (the tunnel) to know if there is anything,” he said.



SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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