Pope mobbed by crowd while using Portaloo

Pope Francis

Photographs have emerged showing how the Pope made a quick exit to a portable loo before being mobbed by a crowd of devoted followers.

His Holiness is seen standing in a red Portaloo while a rather indelicate crowd take pictures and videos on their phones.

The video answers the age-old question of where the Pope goes to the bathroom. And it’s clearly not the woods.

According to Metro UK, Pope Francis was in Milan this morning and he drove through the fashion capital on a stylish open topped ‘Popemobile’.

But before stepping on to the stage the leader of the world’s Catholics made a pit-stop in the loos.

While the Vatican has not commented on what was happening, the delighted crowd saw the ‘human’ side of the Pontiff.

Italian onlookers were clearly happy with the down-to-earth nature of Pope Francis as they snapped his movements, towards the bathroom and not of his bowel on their phones.

The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires is due to meet with Roma, Islamic and immigrant families in the Forlanini quarter of the city.

At the end of his one day visit he will meet the inmates of the San Vittore Prison for lunch before celebrating mass in Monza Park.

Source: punch