President Buhari Pledges To Compensate Aggrieved And Loyal Hardworking Supporters

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured supporters of his reelection campaign who are aggrieved over non-patronage that he would reward them if he gets reelected next year.

Several persons and groups that worked for the president’s election in 2015 are aggrieved because they have been sidelined and have not received any patronage in terms of appointments or contracts.

Buhari gave the assurance Wednesday at the launch of the Together Nigeria Group, a support group backed by the president’s wife, Aisha, working for his reelection.

“Let me first congratulate and thank the organizers of this event for putting this together in a very special way. I feel happy to see people from different backgrounds coming together for a common cause such as this. I am particularly happy to be here face to face with some of our celebrities whom I only see on television.

“Tonight’s event once again reminds me of our political struggles over the years and the support I enjoyed from many support structures such as The Buhari Organization (TBO) and Buhari Support Organization (BSO). I am happy that today we are not only celebrating our election victory but our numerous landmark achievements.

“I have listened and I acknowledge with delight the story of Buhari Support Organization (BSO) past, present and future from previous speakers. In particular, I commend the plan to reorganize and reposition the organization towards the forth coming election and beyond. This has once again given me further encouragement, hope and optimism in our political journey.

“At this point, I would like to acknowledge the over whelming support I enjoyed from individuals and organizations across the country over the years. I say thank you to all those who contributed to our successes in one way or the other.

“Some of you, individuals and organizations, may be feeling disappointed because we have not been able to please everyone. I would like to assure you that this time hard work and loyalty will be rewarded adequately.

“Finally, I wish to thank the TOGETHER NIGERIA Group for educating the world about our good work and achievements. I will like to also thank our celebrities for projecting the image of Nigeria globally and for your contributions to the development of our entertainment industries,” the president said in his speech at the event which held at the State House Conference Hall inside the Presidential compound.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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